ProductForm of deliveryProperties / Applications
NEUKADUR release agent SE new1.5 kg canister
3.5 kg canister
liquid – based on wax and silicone, quick-deaerating
NEUKADUR release agent N1.5 kg canister
4.0 kg canister
liquid – based on wax, deaeration time approx. 45 min.
NEUKADUR release agent TW250 g can
750 g can
pasty, based on wax
NEUKADUR release spray P 6500 ml spray cansprayable, based on wax
NEUKASIL release agent S 501 kg canisterliquid, contains silicone, solvent-free
NEUKASIL silicone spray400 ml spray cansprayable, based on silicone
NEUKADUR release agent PVA1 kg bottle
5 kg canister
20 kg canister
polyvinyl alcohol, film forming
NEUKADUR release spray HT500ml spray cantemperature stable release agent for heat-stressed forms like e.g. RIM-forms up to approx. 140 °C
NEUKADUR release spray SPT400 ml spray canwax-free high-performance release agent with semi-permanent properties
For an overview of our release agents see Merkblatt