ProductForm of deliveryProperties / Applications
NEUKADUR aluminium powder AS 01125 kg bagparticle size 0-100 μ, purity at least 99,5%, powder density 1,180 kg/m³, for gel coats, casting compounds, top coat, workable/machinable
NEUKADUR aluminium grit MR 725 kg bucketparticle size 1- 2 mm, round grain, powder density 1,100 kg/m³ purity 98 %, back fillings, workable/machinable
NEUKADUR aluminium grit K 1225 kg bucketparticle size 0.6 – 1.2 mm, powder density 1,010 kg/m³ purity 97 %, universally for all kinds of moulds and pattern
NEUKADUR iron powder RZ 6025 kg cartonfor back fillings, gel coats, workable/machinable, blasting shot, < 60 μ
alumiunium powder
25 kg bagparticle size 0-100 μ, spattered, powder density 1,060 kg/m³ for production of model design plates filled with aluminium powder
NEUKADUR filler ALAF25 kg cartonmixture of aluminium powder and corundumsuitable for casting compounds which have a high abrasion resistance and can still be polished after grinding and thus result in an excellent surface quality.
NEUKADUR filler AF25 kg carton
corundum, dark not workable/machinable, gel coats, casting compounds
NEUKADUR filler EKW25 kg cartoncorundum, light not workable/machinable, gel coats, casting compounds
NEUKADUR quartz powder SH 50025 kg cartonback fillings difficult to work/machine
NEUKADUR lightweight filler P20 kg Sacklight back fillings, moulded plates, core boxes, all kinds of patterns, difficult to work/machine
NEUKADUR cotton flakes5 kg carton
30 kg carton
reinforcing fibre
NEUKADUR light filler Q27.3 kg bagfor NEUKADUR systems, workable/machinable
NEUKADUR filler A25 kg bucket
40 kg bucket
aluminium hydroxide, gel coats, casting compounds, workable/machinable
NEUKADUR filler B25 kg bucket
40 kg bucket
mineral filler, gel coats, casting compounds, workable/machinable, very high proportion of fillers allowed