AltroColor Color Pastes are formulated pigment preparations for coloring different duromeric resin systems. Due to their extraordinary color strength and brilliance, they can be used in a broad spectrum of applica-tions throughout the processing industry.

Our know-how and more than 10 years of experience give us the opportunity to modify individually AltroColor Color Pastes to your requirements, therefore we can provide you with the exact color paste which you need.

What are the key features of AltroColor?
Solvent-free and plasticizer-free color pastes
Phthalate- and VOC-free color pastes
High pigment concentration
Optimal pigment dispersion due to most modern dispersing technique
Suitable for dosing units
Clean and easy handling
Light- and weather-stable pigments
High temperature stability
Full integration in the matrix
No influence on the mechanical and chemical properties
Outstanding rheological properties
No pigment agglomerates
Suitable for software-aided color formulation
Technical consulting of AltroColor color pastes
AltroColor brochure