NEUKASIL RTV Silicones—the Ideal Material for Making Molds and Perfect for Producing Resilient Products.</

NEUKASIL RTV Silicones—the Ideal Material for Making Molds and Perfect for Producing Resilient Products.

Impressive reproducibility precision, high flexibility, easy processability, and excellent separation properties: NEUKASIL RTV Silicones combine many positive properties—perfect for making molds and flexible prefabricated parts.

Many years of experience, state-of-the-art production facilities, and high-quality raw materials provide the basis for unique products precisely tailored to practical requirements. The same also goes for our NEUKASIL RTV Silicones, which vary from silicone gel to viscoplastic rubber and are ideal mold-making materials thanks to their many excellent properties. From condensation systems to addition curing systems, select the program that’s best for you. There are two different series of NEUKASIL RTV Silicones available.

The first series are the NEUKASIL Condensation Systems—standard molding materials that are used whenever an original needs to be copied precisely or a high level of resistance to reproduction materials or casting systems is required. Whether for architecture, artistic design, or concrete molding: There are many areas of application, just as there are many properties in our different systems. For example, you can choose from among condensation systems with low, medium, and high hardness levels.

NEUKASIL Addition Systems—silicones that vulcanize without releasing reaction products and that can therefore easily be applied in closed molds—are the counterpart to the condensation systems.

Just like the condensation systems, NEUKASIL addition systems are characterized by their easy processing, long-term stability, and high product reliability. These systems can be used in many different ways, such as in standard mold-making or in the production of prefabricated elements for the orthopedic, medical, and adult entertainment industries and many more. To meet all your specific requirements, our addition systems are also available in a wide variety of versions, meaning that some solutions cure very quickly while others have high resistance to tearing and tear propagation.

Type series of NEUKASIL RTV silicones

NEUKASIL RTV silicones are available in two different types.


Condensation Systems

Condensation-curing silicone compounds are the way to go whenever high efficiency and resistance to reproduction materials or casting systems are required.


Addition Systems

Easy processing, excellent self-separation properties, long-term stability, and high product reliability: Addition Systems feature many positive properties.

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