NEUKADUR Polyurethanes Cast Resins—the Right Solution for Every Project
Polyurethanes Cast Resins

NEUKADUR Polyurethanes Cast Resins—the Right Solution for Every Project

They offer a high level of resistance to abrasion, moisture, and chemicals, cure quickly, and can be used for numerous applications: Discover the benefits of NEUKADUR Cast Resins.

In industry, technology, art, and the trades: Cast resins are indispensable in many sectors. They can be used to create foundry models and control casts, along with flexible negative molds for molded parts made of plaster, concrete, resins, or waxes. In order to meet the most diverse requirements, we have a large array of NEUKADUR Cast Resins available at Altropol. All of them come with their own individual advantages, meaning they can be used in many different industries.

We’d be delighted to provide you with personal advice about our product portfolio, which includes unfilled fast-cast resins, filled casting compounds, and other products. Flexible cast compounds with very high tear resistance are also part of our range, as are cast compounds with very good flow properties that aren’t prone to brittleness. Depending on the system, NEUKADUR Cast Resins can also be further processed using our AltroColor Color Pastes.

Special features and important properties

Our NEUKADUR Polyurethanes Cast Resins at a glance:

Products Special features and important properties Data sheets for download
NEUKADUR PN 1853 unfilled fast-casting resin
NEUKADUR PU 256 pre-filled casting compound with approx. 60 min pot-life
NEUKADUR PN 1611 very low exothermic reaction, easy to process, very low shrinkage, good curing properties
NEUKADUR PN 1645 relatively fast curing, very good flowability
NEUKADUR PN 1879 low casting viscosity, casting of electric component parts, good heat removal, very low shrinkage during the curing process, no tendency to embrittlement, good properties with regard to corrosion protection, excellent resistance to hydrolysis, high adhesion to metal, ceramics and many plastic materials
Fire test according to UL 94V-0
NEUKADUR PN 9008 mod. 1 medium-viscous, easy to process, low shrinkage, very good through-curing, suitable for rotational casting
transparent, cures to be clear as glass
different Shore hardness grades (A 50 - D 80) possible
variable pot life adjustment possible
good UV stability
can be processed by manual casting and in the vacuum
NEUKADUR PN 9100 high elongation, very high restoring force, very good flow properties, very good resistance to tear propagation, suitable for: prototyping, production of technical parts and all kinds of moulds and patterns
NEUKADUR PN 9743 easy to apply, transparent, UV-resistant, very good durability
NEUKADUR high elastic high elongation, high restoring force, processible by hand and machine, very good flow properties, tintable with AltroColor Color pastes
NEUKADUR Cast Resins—the Right Solution for Every Project
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