NEUKADUR Casting Compounds—Epoxy Resins with First-Class Casting qualities
Casting Compounds

NEUKADUR Casting Compounds—Epoxy Resins with First-Class Casting qualities

Hard, abrasion-resistant, machinable, and dimensionally stable under heat: the NEUKADUR Casting Compounds offer countless application possibilities. The right product for every project.

They stand out thanks to their durability and rigidity, are highly resistant to temperatures, are easy to process, and feature low shrinkage—NEUKADUR Casting Compounds are the perfect choice when you need to cast electrical components, manufacture small models in solid castings, produce injection molds, or just need to securely fasten something. Select the solution that suits you best from among the different casting compounds available.

Whether as a low-viscosity, medium-viscosity or high-viscosity casting compound: NEUKADUR Epoxy Resin Casting Compounds come with different properties and are optionally available in mineral or metal-filled versions. When combined with the right NEUKADUR Hardener, a stable duromeric plastic can be made suitable for a variety of applications

Special features and important properties

Our Epoxy Resin Casting Compounds at a glance:

Products Special features and important properties Data sheets for download
NEUKADUR EN 618 hard, good dimensional stability under heat, aluminium-filled, machinable
NEUKADUR VG grey hard, abrasive-resistant, heat resistant, Colour: grey
NEUKADUR VG B hard, workable/machinable, non-abrasive, heat resistant Colour: grey (castable <= 15 mm)
NEUKADUR VG 3 hard, non-abrasive, solid edges, machinable Colour: black
NEUKADUR VG Alu hard, highly heat resistant, machinable, castable up to 80 mm with a good heat removal
NEUKADUR VG SP 5 hard, workable/machinable, highly heat resistant, castable up to 60 mm. For the production of injection moulds
NEUKADUR VG F good flowability, hard, machinable, low exothermic reaction, castable 30 - 40 mm, also suitable for thin-walled parts
NEUKADUR Casting Compounds—Epoxy Resins with First-Class Casting qualities
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