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Innovative resin systems for your individual applications: Take a look at our products manufactured according to the latest scientific findings and find just the right solution for your needs.

NEUKADUR Epoxy Resin Systems

High mechanical strength combined with a good resistance to a wide range of media: Our ready-to-use NEUKADUR Epoxy Resin Systems made from selected high-quality raw materials offer a broad array of application possibilities.

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NEUKADUR Polyurethane Systems

Whether as casts, pastes, spreads, or sprays: Our polyurethane systems impress thanks to their versatility. Different systems are available for individual combination and application options—whether unfilled or filled, flexible or rigid, processable by hand or machine.

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As an ideal material for making molds or for producing flexible prefabricated parts, NEUKASIL RV Silicones (condensation systems or addition curing systems) excel thanks to their reproducibility precision, high flexibility, easy processibility, and good separation properties. They produce unique products precisely tailored to practical requirements.

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NEUKAPOL—Polyols based on Renewable Raw Materials

Ecology and economy go hand in hand with our NEUKAPOL Polyols, which are made from rapeseed, sunflower, soybean, and castor oils. Raw materials for polyurethane chemistry based on renewable raw materials—“green” polyols from Altropol.

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AltroColor Color Pastes

With extraordinary color intensity, first-class brilliance, and suitable for a variety of applications, AltroColor Color Pastes provide high-quality pigment preparations that can be used to tint a variety of duromeric resin systems.

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AltroFoam—Resin and Polyurethane Foam Systems

For lightweight construction and many industrial applications—our AltroFoam products are our extremely environmentally friendly, CFC-free epoxy and polyurethane foam systems for many different industrial applications.

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AltroGreen—Green Epoxy Resin and Polyurethane Systems

Whether adhesives, vacuum infusion, or cast resins, our AltroGreen Epoxy Resin and Polyurethane Systems stand out due to much more than just their sustainability. They also excel thanks to their diverse application possibilities.

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AltroBond Construction Adhesives

These are high-performance construction adhesives which impress with their many possible applications. They are easy and straightforward to handle and have a high level of temperature resistance: Superb adhesion is guaranteed with AltroBond. We offer just the right solutions for various combinations of materials.

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Effective protection for construction materials—with the deep-penetrating hybrid waterproofing agent Altrosil. No matter whether for wood, stone, or concrete, Altrosil provides reliable and lasting protection without harming the environment. All Altrosil products are nontoxic and contain no organic solvents.

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