Altrosil – deep-penetrating hybrid waterproofing agent
Altrosil – deep-penetrating hybrid waterproofing agent

Benefit from the Effective and Pollutant-Free Technologies Offered by Our Altrosil Products to Build and Renovate in a Sustainable Manner.

Nontoxic, easy to use, and environmentally safe—our Altrosil products not only save you time and money but they also provide reliable, long-term protection for buildings to preserve their value.

Our Altrosil line features a deep-penetrating hybrid waterproofing agent that can be easily applied with a brush, roller, or sprayer and that contains no organic solvents. The waterproofing agent reduces the amount of water absorbed by the building material and yet is permeable at the same time. Once it has hardened, the matrix created in the material is extremely resistant to almost all chemical attacks, especially oils, fats, gasoline, and diluted acids. The waterproofed building material—whether concrete, stone, or wood—is also less susceptible to environmental influences such as wind, rain, or sun, thereby giving it long-term and reliable protection and helping to retain the value of the building.

Our Altrosil line includes a wide variety of products that offer something suitable for every need. For example, you can choose Altrosil BETO, a sealant for mineral and alkaline substrates that is ideal for basements, flat roofs, balconies, terraces, and underground parking garages. In contrast, Altrosil DUAL provides you with a solution for all mineral, alkaline, and non-alkaline substrates. For example, it can be used to form a horizontal barrier on surfaces such as sand-lime brick, aerated concrete, brick, natural stone, plaster, and clay. Other products in our range include Altrosil FINO and Altrosil TIMBER for all native species of wood. We would be glad to provide you with personal advice on the differences and advantages of our Altrosil products.

Benefits, which will convince you:

  • Non - toxic
  • Easy to use
  • Reduces water absorption while retaining the capability to diffuse
  • Free from organic solvent, ecological harmless
  • Saves time and money, provides value preservation
  • Protects permanently and
Deep-penetrating hybrid waterproofing agent with Altrosil at a glance

When building and renovating – Altrosil products enable effective and pollutant-free impregnations.

Products Applications Field of application and main features Scope of application Data sheet for download
Altrosil BETO Used for reducing the cappilary absorbing capacity and in complicance with certain technological requirements even used as sealant for all vertical horizontal mineralic and alkaline substrates. Can be applied on cleaned dry and wet substrate.

Field of application:
- New constructions and restructuring
- Cellar, flat roof, underground parking, balconies, terraces
- Base plates, concrete, screed, mortar, plaster, clay

Main features:
-free from organic solvents
- not harmul to health

By constricting the pores and the capillary tubes in the buidling materials the contaminaton ingress of water and salts is effective inhibited.
When applied to fresh concret areas, Altrosil BETO acts basically as an evaporation protection and so makes it possible that the concrete to cure in an optimal way. This leads to a high quality surface without any cracks.

Altrosil DUAL

For reducing the caillary absorbing capacity and as water repellant sealant against non-pressing water for all vertical horizontal mineral alkaline and non alkaline substrate. Can be used on clean dry and wet substrate.

Field of application:
- New constructions and restructuring
- Cellar, flat roof, underground parking, balconies, terraces
- Sand-lime bricks, aereated concrete, bricks, natural stones, plaster, clay
- Dry construction, restoration, brickwork draining
- Can be used as horizontal barrier

Main features:
- free from organic solvents
- not harmul to health

When Altrosil DUAL is in full effect, the construction materials are resistant to chemicals as far as possible. The materials is resistant against oils, fats and enviromental influences.
Desoite that, the treated surfaces reamin open to diffusion and so they are ideal for further cover layers or paint coats..

Altrosil FINO

Deep down surface impregnation of nature and artificial stones. Makes the treated surfaces water-repellent. Reduces the wash out and Verringert das eases the cleaning of the treated surfaces. Can be used on clean dry and wet substrates.

Field of application:
- concrete paving stones, natural paving stones, sand stone, granite
- concrete roof stones, clay roof stones, clinker

Main features:
- makes the treated materials surface water-repellant
- reduces the weathering
- enhances the abrasion-resistance
- provides protection of dirt, lime and salt edges
- eases the cleaning
- provides anti static properties
- free from organic solvents
- not harmul to health

Altrosil FINO acts in the material not like other products which only affect the surface, so it protects the treated surfaces deep down.

Altrosil TIMBER

For preservation and priming of all untreated wood. Can be applied to wet and dry wood.

Field of application:
- All native woods
- Provides wood protection in weather proof areas

Benefits in treatment with Altrosil TIMBER
- The wood retains the diffusions-properties
- The strength of the wood increases
- The amount of water which can be absorbed is decreased

Altrosil TIMBER penetrates the wood up to 5 mm, depending on the coating or spraying process. Once in the wood it unfolds its chemical and physical protective effect.

Altrosil – deep-penetrating hybrid waterproofing agent
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