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Epoxy resin systems, polyurethanes, RTV silicones, “green” polyols, color pastes, and more: Every industry has its own challenges, and we’ve got the matching range of products for them. Find out more about our products and product groups that are bound to offer you just the right option for your specific application.

As an experienced duromeric resin system specialist, Altropol stands for products that not only meet various industry requirements but that also, at the same time, impress with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes based on the latest scientific findings and the highest degree of quality. It’s therefore no wonder that our duromeric resin systems are used worldwide in different industrial sectors, such as in the mechanical engineering, automotive and orthopedics industries, in construction chemistry, and in the model/mold-making and toolmaking sectors.

“Every industry has its own challenges. We’ve got the matching range of products for them and develop new products and solutions for our customers based on targeted innovation.”
- Kevin Li (Managing Director)

Our mission? To satisfy our customers! That’s why all Altropol products can be adjusted to fit the user’s specific needs, and why we have a variety of product modifications and different processing auxiliaries available (including release and cleaning agents, fillers, glass and carbon fabrics, and vacuum infusion accessories). Put us to the test! We believe there are no problems—only challenges—which we master with tailor-made products.

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Explore our innovative NEUKAPOL product group—“green” polyols made from renewable raw materials.

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