For several years now, Altropol relies on regenerative energy sources. In order to do so, in 2013 we installed a photovoltaic system. With this system we managed to produce 73,000 kWH of solar power in 2021, which is equivalent of 37% of our annual energy consumption.

For more than 20 years now, we have products based on renewable materials in our portfolio. The product make up to 48% of our annually sold products. Thus we contribute to the preservation of natural ressources and the protection of the enviroment as a whole.

The recycling of packaging material is part of our processes for several years now. For example we saved 11 tons of resources an 1.4 tons of carbon dioxide alone through these efforts.

Certificate resources SAVED 2021 Altropol Kunststoff GmbH

Last but not least, we installed a pond on our factory site, which serves as a habitat for many birds, insects and amphibic animals.

With "GLS KlimaProtect" we send all parcels within Germany 100% climate neutral, thus contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions and also improving our own environmental balance. In this way we make a valuable, active contribution to climate protection and to sustainable, future-proof parcel logistics.
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