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Our Thermosetting Resin Systems Are Used in All Kinds of Applications in a Wide Variety of Industries
Industries and Applications

Our duromeric Resin Systems Are Used in All Kinds of Applications in a Wide Variety of Industries.

Would you like to change the color of your coating systems, or are you seeking the right material for your prototypes? Do you need duromeric resin systems to produce your orthopedic technology? Our decades-long experience makes us a reliable partner to customers from many different industries.

Whether you require epoxy resins and color pastes for your production, are looking for polyols and polyurethanes, or would merely like some advice on a specific solution for the silicone components you need, you can trust our expertise! After all, not only do we have decades of experience at Altropol, but we regularly reinvent ourselves in order to satisfy the high demands of today’s industry. There’s a good reason why customers from a great many industries partner with us and why we have long-standing business relationships among them.

“Our application engineers combine their know-how with their drive to innovate and assist our customers from a broad array of industries with their far-reaching knowledge and ideas.”
- Olaf Köpcke (Managing Director)

In foundries, in the development of prototypes, in the sports and leisure sector, or in the chemical industry, our duromeric resin systems or raw materials have achieved success in many markets—thanks not only to our tailor-made customer solutions that stand out for their compatibility with other materials used but also due to the fact that they achieve what is required of them in each specific case.

Our industries at a glance

Decades of Know-How and Personal Application Advice: We Understand Your Industry’s Needs!

Customers from the automotive industry, aviation, the sports and leisure industry, the building and construction industry, and many other sectors rely on our application-specific solutions. Find out where our duromeric resin systems are routinely used and seek personal advice for your project.

Model/Mold-Making and Toolmaking

Whether epoxy resin, polyurethane, or silicone: our products have been popular favorites in model/mold-making and toolmaking for many years now thanks to their material-specific properties.

Prototype Construction / Prototyping

From prototype construction to series production, our duromeric resin systems are very versatile.


Foundry customers also value our consistently high product quality and our custom solutions.

Medical Technology and Orthopedics

Our medical technology and orthopedic customers like our broad product portfolio of duromeric resin systems—and especially our array of RTV silicones.

Furniture-Making and Do-It-Yourself Products

If you want to take matters into your own hands by building your own furniture or carrying out DIY projects, you can get really creative with our epoxy resins in particular.

Sports and Leisure (e.g., Climbing Halls)

Products for outdoor play structures for day care centers and schools, indoor playgrounds, gyms, or climbing or bouldering halls—our solutions excel thanks to their quality.


For interior and exterior use, we offer resin systems to create composite components and prototypes for a clear designing and to make it possible to integrate different functions, such as lighting or electric drives.


Epoxy resin is also used in the aerospace industry due to its good properties, such as high adhesion and low fatigue when there are variations in stress.

AltroColor—Color Pastes for the duromeric Industry

Our color pastes are perfect for tinting polyurethanes, epoxy resins, polyurea systems, polyaspartic systems, and many other materials without affecting their properties.

Construction Chemistry

We leverage our application-specific solutions to support leading international companies in producing their construction chemical products.

CASE (Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, and Elastomers)

Altropol is your go-to partner for the supply of raw materials for coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers.