Our philosophy

It Is the Inspiration for Our Company Strategy. It Shapes Our Company Culture. It Impacts Our Day-to-Day Operations. Sustainability Is Our Way of Life!

Thinking of tomorrow today: As a traditional family-run company, we want to actively shape the transformation toward a more sustainable future. It’s no coincidence that our company strategy, company culture, and our day-to-day operations are shaped by sustainability.

Sustainability—much more than just part of our company philosophy for us! We believe that future-oriented thinking is an important part of successful and long-lasting partnerships, and that’s why we focus on maintaining enduring customer relationships, steady company growth, and long-term business success, even in our frequently hectic day-to-day operations. Only in this way is it possible for us to also create a safe working environment for the next generation and practice financial sustainability in every aspect.

„Everything we do is done with passion. After all, we don’t just want to meet our customers’ requirements, but live up to our own high standards of quality too. This is the only way to ensure satisfaction on all levels.“
- Olaf Köpcke (Managing Director)

Aside from financial sustainability, our practices are also shaped by environmental, economic, and social sustainability. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and base our activities on environmentally friendly policies that also promote health. We are fully aware of our responsibility toward the planet and our employees and actively accept this duty. Today, tomorrow, and in the future!

The three pillars of our philisophy

Sustainability. Collaboration. Premium Quality.

For many decades now at Altropol, we have been committed to the use of renewable energies, responsible business practices, and the development of sustainable products. In our efforts, we not only focus on keeping quality consistently high but also on engaging in collaborative dialogue with our customers.

An eye on the environment—as a family-owned company, we think across generations.


Reliable and partnership-based collaboration is very important to us.


Uncompromising quality and precision are the bases of our success.

“Made in Germany” quality management