Technical Advice

Our Experienced Application Engineers Always Treat You as an Equal Partner with Custom Advice.

We know that every industry comes with its own set of unique challenges and places different demands on our products—and our expert application engineers will gladly assist you in finding the right solution for your product.

No matter whether you already know what requirements our products have to meet or if you are still looking for the right solution for your project—Altropol will not only offer you a convincing range of products but will also provide you with technical advice from the outset. Our application engineers are thus your direct point of contact as experts who not only shine with theoretical knowledge but also boast many years of practical application experience.

This makes it possible for us to offer you professional advice at the highest level along with the utmost professionalism and safety. Instead of adopting a rigid silo mentality, we think outside of the box to always provide the right solution for your project—whether it is found in our extensive selection of over 2,000 items or if it first has to be developed by our specialist departments.  

Technical advice under: +49 (0)451 499 600