Safety and environment

The Safety of Our Employees and Our Environment Is of Paramount Concern for Us.

Assuming responsibility at all levels and laying the foundation for a future worth living today—the safety and protection of our employees and our environment are top priorities in our day-to-day business.

As one of the leading suppliers of duromeric resins systems used around the globe, we are aware of our responsibility toward people and the environment. We therefore consider it vital to always pursue an environmentally friendly path when developing and producing our products and to regularly scrutinize our actions, thereby ensuring responsible practices in all our dealings with nature.

In addition to taking responsibility for the environment, we also dearly care about our employees. It’s important for us to provide our colleagues with a safe and sustainable workplace. That’s why we don’t think only in terms of individual financial quarters—but instead across multiple generations. A health-promoting atmosphere and sustainable business practices are also part and parcel of our company philosophy, ensuring our financial success for the decades ahead as well.