Our range of products

Our extensive selection includes an individually tailored solution for every need.

We have an attractive range of products available and offer quick service—from technical advice to straightforward order processing—in order to provide you with just the right duromeric resin system for any project.

Every industry and company has own specific demands and requirements for duromeric chemistry. Altropol has an impressive array of products available, spanning from our NEUKADUR Epoxy Resin Systems to our NEUKRASIL RTV Silicones, meaning that you don’t have to revert to using a minimum level of quality with standard products. Instead, we offer you just the right product for any project. We are therefore able to react with considerable flexibility to all your requests with tailor-made solutions for a wide variety of applications.

So you not only can expect an impressive range of products but can also benefit from our high standards of service. That’s why it’s important to us to be a reliable partner at your side right from your initial consultation with us and to make processing an order straightforward for you. You can also count on us being quick and flexible when it comes to our being available for you!