Reactive Polymeric Tints –
Introduction of the AltroColor
RT 9000 Reactive Tints


The AltroColor RT 9000 reactive tints are colorants, which can be used to color different plastic systems. As our AltroColor RT 9000 reactive tint series is based on a reactive polymeric colorants which has a chromophore, a full integration into your polymer system is ensured.

Key Features of AltroColor RT 9000 Reactive Tints

  • ♦ High color strength
  • ♦ No sedimentation
  • ♦ No effect on PU system
  • ♦ Excellent compatibility
  • ♦ No migration
  • ♦ Solvent- and heavy metal-free
  • ♦ Good solvent resistance
  • ♦ Easy clean-up due to solubility in water
  • ♦ Outstanding rheological properties


There are two different types for different applications.

AltroColor RT 9001 – 9012
AltroColor RT 9001 – 9012 tints are suitable for coloring PU und TPU systems, for instance foams, adhesives, castings compounds, elastomers etc.
(Download datasheet)


AltroColor RT 9006 – 9011
AltroColor RT 9006 - 9011 tints can be applied outstandingly for model making and prototyping and for coloring transparent EP and PU systems. These tints are available in 50 g or 500 g squeezing bottles for the perfect handling and there is no labelling according to CLP-regulation.
(Download datasheet)