Liquid Titanium Dioxide Color Pastes


Due to the technical excellent properties, the white pigment titanium dioxide is used in wide variety of colors and formulations.

The European Union has published on the 18th of February 2020 the harmonized classification for titanium dioxide in the Official Journal of the European Union. This new classification standardizes that titanium dioxide in powder form has to be labelled as a hazardous substance according to the European regulation No. 1272/2008 (CLP) with the classification as carcinogenic category 2 by inhalation (GHS08 and H351i).

For improving or guaranteeing the safety of the employees, you can use a liquid color paste (pigment preparation) based on titanium dioxide. Therefore, you avoid the formation of dust and also the inhalation of titanium dioxide. Owing to the GHS regulation it could lead that the packaging with waste containing titanium dioxide dusts has to be disposed separately.

Because of our know-how and more than 10 years experiences with AltroColor color paste, we can offer different liquid titanium dioxide pigment preparations for coloring of different duromeric resin systems because the binder is chosen carefully for every duromeric resin system. Furthermore, Altropol can use different types of titanium dioxide (produced by sulphate or chloride process).

If you use AltroColor you will not have any issues with the inhalation in the production and disposal of titanium dioxide in the powder form.

Tailor-made liquid titanium dioxide pigment preparations are possible!

What are the key features of AltroColor liquid titanium dioxide pigment preparations?

  • ♦ Dust-free coloring for avoiding inhalation of titanium dioxide
  • ♦ Safety of the employees
  • ♦ Solvent-free and plasticizer-free color pastes
  • ♦ Phthalate- and VOC-free color pastes
  • ♦ Optimal pigment dispersion due to most modern dispersing technique
  • ♦ Outstanding rheological properties for dosing
  • ♦ Clean and easy handling à shorter production times
  • ♦ No hazardous waste

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