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Altropol - Epoxy resins, polyurethanes and silicones for perfect composite applications

Altropol Kunststoff GmbH is a specialist in the field of duromere resin systems. We are a global operating company with our headquarter located in the city of Stockelsdorf near Lübeck and an training- and development center in Heiligenhaus near Düsseldorf where we develop and produce high quality epoxy resins, polyurethanes, RTV 2-C Silicone rubber systems, colour pastes and polyols based on renewable raw materials since 1994 at over 12,000 m².
Our products a distributed globally under the brands NEUKADUR (epoxy resin- and polyurethansystems), NEUKASIL (RTV silicones), AltroColor (colour pastes) and NEUKAPOL (polyols based on renewable raw materials).
All Altropol products a produced according to strict quality standards on up to date production facilities. Therefore, Altropol products meet even the highest demands of our customers from different branches like rapid tooling and rapid prototyping. We have a variety of customers ranging from automotive, aviation, sports- and entertainment industry, casting, construction, porcelain- and ceramic industry, electronics, orthopedic industry and many more.
Our wide-ranging product portfolio consists basically of the following product groups:
NEUKADUR Epoxy systems
Gel coats, Linked gel coats, Laminating- and multi-purpose resins, Casting compounds, Laminating pastes and Foam systems

NEUKADUR polyurethanes
Casting resins (filled and unfilled) for hand or machine processing), Fast-cast resins, Casting compounds, Elastic casting compounds from Shore A 10 to Shore A 90, RIM resins, Glueing systems, polyurethane systems

NEUKASIL RTV 2 silicones
Casting compounds (also those which can be made thixotropic), Coating and patching compounds, Modelling materials, Translucent and transparent systems, Electric casting compounds, Casting compounds being compliant with FDA and the Federal Institute for Risk Evaluation

AtroColor colour pastes
For coloring of one- and two-component polyurethane systems, epoxy resin systems and polyurea- and polyaspartic systems

NEUKAPOL polyols
Raw materials for the polyurethane industry based on renewable materials with high hydrophobic properties and partly excellent hydrolysis resistance

Altropol products can be modified according to the requirements of the user. A vast number of product modifications as well as supplements for the processing (e. g. Release and Purifier agents, Fillers, Glass- and Carbon-fabrics, Accessories for vacuum infusion) can be provided. Our application engineers and / or distribution partners worldwide will be glad to assist you in determining which of our products is best for your concrete use case.

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Long Term Experience

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Over 2,000 products from epoxy resin and / or polyurethane resin systems for the model and mould making to RTV 2-C silicone rubber systems for the production of negative moulds, orthopedic products and many more are produced tested and distributed. Especially the individual adjustments of product properties to your specific requirements is our greatest strength.


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