Development, production, sales and service - profit from our experience!

To supply always the best product for your tasts; this is what the name Altropol has been standing for since 1994.

The exploration and development of new epoxy and polyurethane systems, RTV silicones and color pastes, the tapping of new raw material resources as soon as the further development of new production technologies - parts of our daily work, always with the aim to develop and deliver the best product for you.
For this, we use beside the most modern production machines and polished chemical analysis above all one thing - the human being.

Motivated and experienced employees are the best guarantor for products which you can rely on. Altropol products are developed and produced according to the latest scientific trends, lastingness and considerate treatment of resources being the centre of attention beside the adjustment of individual product properties which will help you to obtain the desired working results quickly and precisley.
Today, customers of the most different lines of business from all over the world work with Altropol products.